The Future Classroom

The field of study that we will be sharing about is education. The technology in education has changed drastically over the years; what used to be chalkboards is now smart boards. Now of days, many books and textbooks can be read online.

The future of the classroom, according to Matt Britland in What is the future of technology in education, “all classrooms will be paper less.”  There is talk of the MTC (Multi-touch classroom) where students will have a touch screen desk, like a large sized iPad. The students will be able to access resources and basically have the entire world at their fingertips. It connects through wifi and can search the internet just like a regular computer. It will also allow collaboration between students both in classroom and out through the use of the cloud. They will be able to talk instantly to students from any where in the world. This will help the students with diversity. Plus, this will teach them technological fields for when they enter the workforce because they will be technologically savvy.

Another device that will be incorporated in the future classroom is known as Google Glass. Basically, a small device attached to a pair of glasses that has computer-like capabilities. Students could search the web by simply saying “Okay Google…(and then whatever they want to search). Teachers will be able to create schedules that are accessible to the students and other teachers so everyone can be aware of what is going on. According to Monica Wells of BizDb, “Google Glass can provide accessibility of the learning materials to students with visual, auditory and physical disabilities.” Google glass will have a strong impact on how students learn an how a teacher teaches. Not only will it require people to be well trained, but it will have to be accepted by school districts for use. It has the ability to help how people learn but it may not be accepted so easily. It also has a higher price tag then many schools can afford now. So although we may not incorporate it into education across the country immediately, we do believe this will be appearing in the classroom in the future. Bristol International Group Matt Britman’s blog What is the future of technology in education? On The Guardian

How Google Glass Can Be Used in Education

Rebecca Daugherty

Shelley Pounders



  1. ssmith0906kctcsedu · February 4, 2016

    The idea for the touch screen desks, would be great for elementary schools. I think it would help them learn better then someone standing up talking to them.


  2. newnursingtech · February 4, 2016

    I think this new technology would be great for the classrooms. It would be a good tool to help with interaction, hand-eye coordination, & working on computer skills for future use.


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